What’s A Good Size Patio?

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If this is the first time installing a patio, you must be wondering, what’s a good size patio? According to patio contractors, it’s almost impossible to tell the right size of patio you should install in your home as the size varies depending on plenty of factors.

Some of the factors to pay attention to when deciding the right size of patio to install include:


How are you planning to use the patio? You can use the patio for almost anything. You can use it for cooking and dining, use it to relax among many other things.

The size you should go for should be in synch with the purpose. If you want a place to cook, a small patio will do, but if you will be dining or relaxing there with your friends, you need a large unit.

Number of people using the patio

The number of people using the patio will also influence the size you should go for. If you have a large family, you need many chairs and tables so you should put up a large patio.

The same logic holds if you love hosting parties.

The size of your backyard

You might have a large family or love holding parties, but you can’t construct a large patio due to your yard’s small size. For a great look, construct a patio that matches the size of your yard.

Even if you have a large yard, you don’t want to install a patio that is too small or too large that it’s disproportional to the rest of the house.

Your desired shape

We all have different tastes, and there is nothing wrong with that. Do you want a rounded patio? You will have more space on the edges. If you love cooking and dining, you should go for a squared patio as it works best for this purpose.

If not sure about the right size of patio to go for, consult a patio expert to guide you.

Location of the patio

Where you want to locate the patio can significantly affect the size, you can install. In most homes, patios are located close to the house for easier accessibility. It’s also not uncommon to find patios around focal points of the house, such as a pool, water features, and spa.

If thinking about positioning the patio close to the house, you will be limited in space as chances are you won’t have a large backyard.

If locating the patio close to the house is limiting, and you have a large yard, consider locating the patio somewhere else that offers a beautiful view and at the same time gives you more room to scale.

Tips to consider when installing the patio

To get the most from your patio, you need to consider several tips. These tips include:

Take advantage of your landscape.

You should take advantage of your landscape when locating your patio. If you are going to primarily use the patio for entertainment purposes, locate it close to the kitchen or bathroom.

If you will be using the patio as an additional sitting space, you should have it connected to the family room.

Work with your environment.

Do you have large trees around your home? Construct your patio in such a way the patio is nestled under them. Building the patio for sunbathing and other poolside entertainment activities? Build it near the pool or in an area that receives plenty of sun.

If this is your first time constructing the patio, don’t start the project without the help of patio builders Long Island. Experienced contractors will walk with you from the planning of the patio to its construction. The key is to work with experienced ones.

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