How To Clean A Furnace As Given By Furnace Repair Services Experts

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When your furnace gets dirty, it’s always wise to hire furnace repair services providers to do the cleaning, but if you don’t have money to hire a technician and you have cleaning skills, you can go ahead and clean your furnace. To help you out, here are step by step instructions on how to clean a furnace:

Step1: Inspect the furnace filter

One of the major areas you should pay attention to when cleaning the furnace is the furnace filter. To inspect the filter, locate the access panel on the outside of the furnace. The panel should be below the return-air duct between the duct and blower system.

The filter is located inside the front of the furnace, and all you need to do is to unscrew the front panel from the furnace and remove it from the hooks holding it in place. Sometimes you will find the furnace filter with its own access door.

Before opening the furnace, remember to turn off the system. You don’t want to be electrocuted, do you?

Step 2: Remove the filter

After getting access to the air filter, remove it by pulling it up and out of the tracks. The filter should come out easily. If you are finding it hard to pull, chances are its stuck. Don’t force it out as you will damage it. Inspect it and find out whether items such as dirt or debris are blocking it.

Step 3: Inspect the furnace filter.

You also should find out whether the filter needs cleaning or replacement. Not sure whether the air filters is dirty?

Hold it up to the light and look through it. If you can’t see the light, the filter is most likely dirty and needs replacement.

If the filter isn’t disposable, you should clean it. First, remove any dirt or loose particles, then use mild soap and tap water to rinse and wash it.

After cleaning, let the filter dry thoroughly before putting it back into the furnace.

Step 4: Place back the clean filter

After cleaning the filter, slide back the filter in to the furnace and ensure it fits securely. You should then close the access door and reapply the front panel using hooks and screws. If the filter doesn’t fit properly, chances are dirt or debris is blocking it.

If you bought a new filter, you must have bought the wrong size. Double-check and confirm you got the right size.

Step 5: Clean the blower assembly

To clean the blower assembly, remove the whole front panel by loosening the screws holding the panel in place. You can also take the panel off its supporting hinges.

Follow it up by sliding the fan unit out of the furnace. Most fans are secured to the furnace by a track that allows it to slide in and out easily. It’s also common for fans to be connected by wire connections.

If this is the case, take note of where the wire connects to the fan before removing them for easy reassembly when you are done.

If screws or bolts hold in your fan, remove the bolts and screws with a ratchet or screwdriver and take the fan out. Remember to keep bolts and screws in place, so you don’t lose them.

After removing the blower assembly, clean it with mild soap and water. You also should run a handheld vacuum over the blades and belts and remove all the dirt.

Once you are done, put the fan blower assembly back into the furnace. If you had disconnected the wires, reattach them, ensuring you connect them to the right location.

Other areas of the furnace you should pay attention to as given by furnace services Falls Church providers are the heat exchanger block. Clean it and ensure there is dirt or debris on it.

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