How Do You Store A Persian Rug? Persian Rug Stores Expert Advises

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When homeowners hit Persian rug stores, their only focus is on a beautiful rug that will look good and accentuate the look of their homes. The last thing on their mind is how to store the rug in the event they no longer want to continue using the rug. Have you got a new rug and wondering, how do you store a Persian rug? Here are tips on how to do it:

Clean the rug

Like your clothes, you should never store the rug while dirty. Give your rug thorough vacuuming and lift as much dander, dust, and other microscopic particles from it. When vacuuming, watch out you don’t go overboard and ruin the delicate weaving. Protect the delicate pieces by placing a piece of nylon screen over the rug, then vacuum over the screen. After vacuuming, clean the rug based on the manufacturer’s specifications.

Apply insect repellent

If you are going to store the rug for a long time, you should protect it from moths and insects by applying a repellent on the rug before storing it. When choosing a repellent, choose one specially designed for your fabrics.

Tightly roll the rug for storage.

You should never fold your rug as doing so would lead to cracks, creases, and other forms of damage. When rolling the rug, keep it as straight as possible. If having trouble doing it, use a rod. The rod can be one meant for the rugs or one lying around your house, such as a thick curtain rod or wooden dowel.

Wrap the rug

Are you looking to transport or ship the rug? You need to wrap your rug to provide it with an additional layer of protection against dirt, bugs, and other elements that can damage the delicate fibers. After rolling the rug, wrap a cotton sheet or Musin around the rug.

Wrap your rug one and half times then secure the sheet with polyester or cotton twill tape. For maximum rug protection, wrap your rug in a polyurethane rug wrap. This wrap provides a superior barrier against insects and dampness, and it’s often more effective than Musin.

Never use plastic to wrap your rug as you will keep it from breathing.

Store the rug off the ground in a cool, dry area

The best and safest place to store your Persian rug is off the ground, safe from harmful elements. When storing the rug, ensure nothing else lies on top of it as boxes and other supplies can cause cracks and destroy the shape of the rug.

The area you choose should be away from direct sunlight as your rug will lose color. The area also shouldn’t experience major temperature, and humidity swings as this will result in damage to the rug.

Don’t store the rug in the closet, basement, or garage as the air isn’t ideal for long term storage.

Place the rug on the table or shelf. Remember to place a cotton fabric underneath the rug to prevent it from soaking up the wood acids. If storing the rug for more than a year, place a fabric above the rug to keep off dust, dirt, and other elements.

Make sure you store the rug horizontally as storing it vertically will lead to creases and bends that can be permanent.

For best rug storage results, consider these tips:

  • Use a fan or dehumidifier to avoid mildew problems.
  • Block light from windows using blinds or shades
  • Always store your antique rugs Alexandria on an elevated surface to protect them from insects, moths, and carpet beetles.
  • Even in storage, implement good housekeeping practices such as vacuuming, dusting, and many others.
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