How Do You Prepare for a Chimney Sweep?

Cozy evening fires are one of the most pleasurable aspects of the cold season. You get to curl up by the fire as you enjoy an evening chat with family and friends. But without proper maintenance of your fireplace, these evenings might be cut short by random unforeseen damages. 

One of the ways to avoid this is to ensure you have routine chimney sweep services and maintenance. But now that you have already scheduled your routine maintenance visit, how do you prepare for a chimney sweep? Here are some of the main things you can do to ensure that the visit is successful. 

Avoid Using the Fireplace for a Day or Two

Do not use the fireplace for 24 or 48 hours to allow the flue to cool down and to ensure that it is safe for the team to carry out their work. This is because the chimney walls can soak up heat from the fire and stay hot long after the fire went out. So avoid using the fireplace a few hours before your scheduled chimney sweep visit.

Clean up the Fireplace

Although the technicians may not mind the trash and debris on your fireplace, it is not their job to clean it up. It is common courtesy to remove all the leftover ashes, logs, and the grate from your fireplace to give the team an easy time to inspect the chimney. 

Put Away All the Decor Next to the Fireplace

Many people like to place valuable decorative pieces around the fireplace to create a nice ambiance when sitting by the fireplace. But now is the time to move these pieces to a safe place to avoid any accidents. 

This will make it easier for the technicians to inspect and clean the chimney without worrying about damaging your precious accessories. But more importantly, your treasured pieces will stay safe. 

Clear the Path to the Chimney – Both Inside and Outside

Chimney cleaning requires various equipment, tools, and supplies that will be used to inspect and thoroughly clean the flue. To allow the technicians to safely bring their devices to the site, clear the path to the chimney both from inside the house and outside. 

Ensure that no furniture or any other objects are blocking the path to the fireplace and chimney. 

Protect Your Furniture and Other Items Nearby

Although professional chimney sweepers take precautions to prevent shoot and debris from spreading in your house while cleaning, it is still recommended to take personal precautions to protect your furniture from any eventuality – Especially if you have any cloth furniture or rugs near the fireplace. You can move these to another area or cover them to prevent them from getting stained. 

Keep Your Pets Away

Do not let your pets be a distraction. For example, some dogs like to protect their owner from intruders and may think that the technicians are intruders and try to keep them away. To avoid this, keep your pets away to allow the technicians to do their work safely. 

Keep an Eye on the Kids

Kids tend to think that anything new is an adventure – especially younger kids. So they might think that the chimney sweep is a great chance to go on an adventure. This might be dangerous to the kids and the technicians as it distracts them from their job. Therefore, ensure that the kids are engaged elsewhere and are not in the way. 


Preparing well before your chimney cleaning services Upper Marlboro appointment makes the process not only swift but also safe for your family and property. Therefore, it is crucial to take notes and proper preparations for a successful chimney sweep. 

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