What are the benefits of polyethylene grease traps?


Grease traps are one of the best preventative plumbing measures any home or business owner can take.  By installing grease traps in each of your sinks, you are eliminating the possibility of excess grease, oil and other waste from entering your plumbing system.  Be sure to get in touch with a local drain cleaning company to inquire about grease trap sizing and grease trap installation!  Regular grease trap cleaning is also very important so that your grease interceptors are as effective as possible.  Our top recommendation is a polyethylene grease interceptor; they have the best track record at keeping pipeline systems in tip top shape!

To make sure your plumbing system and drainpipes are in full working order, you can schedule a pipeline inspection with one of your local drain maintenance companies.  During this video pipeline inspection, your drain cleaning contractors will use a highly sophisticated pipeline camera to detect any irregularities such as clogged pipes or drain damage.  If any problems are encountered, your sewer cleaning contractors will present you with a list of drain repair and sewer maintenance options.  Try to find a sewer cleaning company that offers 24 hour maintenance services – that way you’ll always know there’s someone you can call in case of a plumbing emergency.

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