Understanding the problem with your chimney

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It is recommended to inspect your chimneys on a regular basis. A yearly check will ensure if your chimney has degraded over the time. Completely broken chimneys are expensive to reconstruct. Not only this, broken chimneys can result in fatal accidents. Hence, it is necessary to identify these problems at the root level and amend them. Simple measures can help in taking care of your chimneys. A chimney inspection every year from a recognized company will not do you any harm.

Basic problems can be identified and handled by yourself. A small chimney brick repair or a chimney masonry repair can be undertaken by yourself. Here is a list of how to identify if your chimney requires repairing or not.

Symptoms of degraded chimney:

  • Presence of smoke in the room

If there is an excess of smoke in the room it implies that your chimney is blocked with soot and should be cleared immediately.

  • Slow drawing of fire

If you own a wooden fireplace and it is noticed that the wood or coal does not catch fire rapidly, it is necessary to get help from companies specializing in wood fireplace repair. This problem could have several reasons. Moist flues are the common reasons for slow burning. Moist flues are expected during the rains. Formation of cracks in the mortar is another reason for slow burning.

  • Bits of mortar dropping

If you notice bits of mortar or bricks in your fireplace you should be vigilant. In most cases, the deterioration is from the flue. If so, consult a chimney repair firm. If the outer part of the chimney is affected then you should reconstruct it as soon as possible.

These are the basic problems that may arise if you own a chimney. It is always recommended to call in technicians to repair your chimneys. But if you think you can handle the task yourself, be sure to take extra protection. Always make sure to wear a harness belt before climbing your house to repair your chimney in Annapolis. Firm ladders must be used for this purpose.

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