Chimney Company: Tips On How To Prepare Your Chimney For Winter

Chimney company

You need your chimney during winter more than any other time. To get the most from it during this time you need to prepare it. To help you out, here are some of the ways of doing so:

Clean the chimney

If you haven’t cleaned your chimney since the last season, now is the time to do it. One of the things that you should do is to remove all the ash that is in the chimney. You should remove the ash from the cleanout door located on the outside of the house or in the basement. In addition to the ash, you should also remove creosote that might have accumulated in the chimney. For ideal results, use the services of a chimney sweeping professional.

Inspect the chimney for blockages and faulty parts

In addition to cleaning it, you should also inspect the chimney structure for loose bricks, cracks, and missing mortar. It’s also recommended that you inspect the chimney liners for cracks and deterioration. The damper plays a vital role in regulating the amount of air and temperature of the fire. You should ensure that the damper opens, seals, and closes properly. The damper should also move easily and be free of ash and debris. If the damper has problems you should ask a professional chimney company to inspect and fix it. If it’s dirty, you should clean it using a stiff bristle brush while focusing on the edges.

Pay attention to your gas fireplace

A gas fireplace is loved by many as it’s easy to use. Unlike the wooden fireplace that requires you to first prepare firewood in order to start a fire, the gas fireplace works almost immediately. All you need to do is press a button and the fire starts. While the fireplace is highly convenient, it sometimes fails to work properly thus releasing harmful carbon monoxide to your home.

Gas fireplaces are also risky as they tend to easily start a fire. To protect yourself and your loved ones, you should inspect the fireplace. You should inspect the glass plate and ensure that there are no cracks. You should also take a look at the glass door and ensure that it seals and latches properly. Chimney inspection professionals recommend that you pay close attention to the vent system and confirm if it has cracks, blockages, or other problems.  In the event of any problem, ask a chimney contractor to fix it.

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Chimney Contractor: Understanding The Chimney Cap

The chimney cap covers the top of your chimney and often comes with a wire mesh that prevents birds and animals from accessing the chimney. Common animals that get into the chimney are snakes, raccoons, and squirrels. When in the chimney, the animals build nests. Others get stuck and die up there thus putting your house at the risk of fire.

Benefits of a chimney cap

In addition to keeping unwanted animals and birds from your chimney, the chimney cap also functions as a great defense system against water damage where it prevents water from running down the inner walls of the chimney flue. According to chimney repair professionals, this benefit comes in handy when you have a tiled chimney. Since water doesn’t go down your chimney, you prevent the tiles from spalling or crumbling.

The chimney cap also prevents the damper, fire doors and firebox from rust. Chimney contractors have been able to show that chimney caps aid in keeping wind bursts from forcing their way into the chimney. This protects your chimney from causing smoke, embers, and ash from blowing into the living areas of your home.

Guide to installing a new chimney cap

If your chimney doesn’t have a chimney cap, you should hire a chimney contractor to install one. It’s also recommended that you replace your old chimney cap. A telltale sign that it’s time to replace the cap is water getting inside your chimney from the top.

When buying a cap for your chimney you should take your time in order to choose the right one. Chimney caps are made from different materials that range from stainless steel to concrete. The caps also come in different sizes and designs. When making the purchase you should go for a unit that not only fits and functions properly on the chimney but also looks great up there. If you aren’t sure of the right unit to go for, you should get the input of your chimney company.

As mentioned you should hire a certified contractor to install a chimney cap for you. One of the major problems with chimney caps is the clogging of the units by creosote. The deposition is endangering when the openings in the chimney cap screens are too small thus preventing smoke to effectively leaving the chimney. The chimney masonry repair professional that you hire should be experienced enough to install a chimney cap that works effectively and at the same time looks great.

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Chimney Contractor: Guide On How To Maintain Your Electric Fireplace

chimney company

People go for electric fireplaces for different reasons. Some go for them because they come in different modern designs that give their homes an elegant look. Others install them as they don’t produce smoke and creosote thus they don’t need to undertake regular chimney cleaning. Regardless of the reason why you install the fireplace, you need to take good care of it for it to continue working effectively. Here are some of the things that you should do to keep your unit working effectively:

Regularly replace the electric fireplace bulbs

Just like the bulbs in the other areas of your home, it’s common for the bulbs inside the fireplace to get burnt. For you to see the inside of the unit and retain the good look of the fireplace, you should replace the bulb as soon as you notice that it has burnt. Bulbs are located towards the back of the fireplace and you can get access to them through the rear panel. You should remove the bulbs in a counterclockwise motion and install the new ones. If your fireplace uses halogen bulbs, always wear gloves or a piece of cloth. Hands contain oils that might affect the glass surface resulting in weaker bulbs, shortened lifespan, and duller lights.

Regularly clean the electric fireplace’s glass display

The glass display is what the people see. To maintain a great appeal you should regularly clean it. The cool thing is that unlike in a wood burning fireplace, there is no creosote thus it’s easy to clean the display. You also don’t need to hire a chimney sweeping professional to help you with the cleaning.

All you need to do is a damp cloth and warm soapy water and you are good to go. When cleaning, avoid using glass cleaners or abrasive cleaners that might contain flammable chemicals that might interfere with the lifespan of the unit. You should moisten the piece of cloth and gently buff the exterior surface just like you do on other surfaces. To prevent water spots, ensure that you thoroughly dry the glass.


These are tips on how to maintain your electric fireplace. In addition to the above tips, chimney inspection professionals recommend that you should also regularly clean the fan. The best way of determining if the fans require cleaning is checking the rotating patterns of the fans. A fan that doesn’t have dust or lint should spin without hesitation.

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Chimney Company: What You Need To Know About Chimney Fires

chimney company

Chimney fires are every homeowner’s nightmare. As much as we would like to wish them away, they happen.

Types of chimney fires

According to chimney repair professionals, there are two types of chimney fires that you can have in your home: free burning and slow burning fires. The free-burning fires are noisy and unmistakable. In most of the cases, it’s common to have flames and billowing smoke coming out at the top of the chimney.

Slow burning fires, on the other hand, are quiet and less dangerous. The fires burn slowly but at high temperatures that cause damage to your chimney. In addition to burning your chimney, they also spread to other parts of your house.

What to do when there is chimney fire

When there is a chimney fire in your home the first thing to do is to get out of the house and contact the fire department in your area. Before the fire department arrives, it’s wise that you prevent the fire from escalating. You can do this by cutting the air supply to the chimney by closing the damper or any other pipes that might be taking air to the chimney. To prevent the roof from catching fire, use the garden hose to spray water on the roof.

Studies show that when one chimney fire happens, another one always comes about if you take measures to prevent it from happening. You should hire a chimney inspection professional to inspect the chimney, identify the cause of the fire and fix it.

How to prevent chimney fires

Chimney fires cause a lot of damage that is expensive to fix. A lot of inconveniences and stress comes about from the fires. To avoid this you should take measures to prevent the fires from happening. The cool thing is that there are many ways of doing it:

Burn seasoned wood: Unseasoned wood is green and produces a lot of soot that results to creosote deposition. According to chimney companies, creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires. The more the creosote, the higher the chances of the fire breaking in your chimney.  To be safe, only burn seasoned wood that produces less creosote.

Regularly clean your chimney: It’s recommended that you undertake chimney cleaning at least once a year but studies show that only a few homeowners do it. This results in plenty of creosote deposition thus putting your chimney at the risk of catching fire. You should hire a chimney sweeping professional to clean the chimney thus keeping your fireplace safe.

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Why you need grease trap cleaning


You ought to be well aware of the importance of grease trap cleaning Manhattan NY in the event you have actually owned a restaurant. Even disregarding the clear side effects, there are quite a few safety concerns. The fats and oils got may clog a drainage method, causing sewage back up even and into sewers into your personal kitchen. This could lead to monetary loss that is tremendous from fines, property damage, and potential litigation. Separating waste fluid from matter that is oily, the grease trap is crucial to the sanitary conditions of business kitchens. Over buildup of grease, fats and oils in the trap will impede the separation procedure and disappointed the drain the aforementioned materials. Released grease, fats and oils in the drain form and may harden major obstructions in the plumbing program.

Grease trap cleaning is necessary to averting the most dangerous kind of kitchen fire. A grease fire burns up not incredibly cold, and is very difficult to extinguish. Flowing water on this type of flame is going to do nothing but spread the fire farther throughout the kitchen getting too large to contain. When there’s only a small quantity of oil to manage, avoiding these sorts of fires is not complex. But when fats and oils will not be correctly washed, they spread to places you wouldn’t even think to check.

Law requires business establishments like restaurants and commercial shops to install traps to ensure the large number of fats, coloring, oils, and present within their waste-water will not enter the sewer program. These traps are required to be installed on the sanitary waste-water and kitchen waste fittings. It is necessary choose the one that gets the approval of the authorities and to see the sites of one suppliers that are different. It is crucial as recommended by legislation, particularly, to select the proper size as well as sort of trap for other establishments that are commercial and restaurants. In addition you must check on the minimum frequency span when they must be cleaned.

A grease trap or an intercepting device is shaped in the type of a carton and is manufactured from steel or plastic. It’s installed involving the primary sewage program and the kitchen sink. It can be washed easily by hand and it’s also preferred the cleanup be completed regularly. In case the cleaning isn’t completed, the kitchen is going to end from chicken products having an annoying odor due to the presence of fats and oils. The task of drain cleaning NY them can be off loaded to the business doing the setup.

Why hire a grease trap cleaning company?

To ensure your drains don’t get clogged with oils, fat and grease out of your kitchen also to avoid pollution and obstructing of municipal sewage lines, it is vital to employ an expert grease trap cleaning company to clean your grease trap and drain. Business grease traps should be washed regularly to make certain the great working condition of the device. Business pipes providers warn that dirty grease traps can lead to sewer odors that are bad flows and fiscal penalties that are large back.

Getting the best grease trap interceptors

When choosing a method one should also think about the care. All the simple models might be cleaned out by staff members. However, other systems are made just to be preserved by professionals. This may add your monthly budget and another cost. However, this will even give the opportunity to relish the support that is very best out of your device to you. The issue may be oil, if clogged drainage in your home has troubled you often. By trading in grease trap interceptors, you can be therefore saved from this problem.

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Shrub removal services can provide you with the expert help you need


Trees in the public places, in the back yard of your house or in the commercial buildings’ ingredients are susceptible to all kinds of weather conditions. Apart from pressures that are seasonal, there could be normal disturbances like winds that are strong and storms. This might cause the trees that are weak to falter. Afterward, what you find is trees that might be obstructing the path or drive or a dropped tree. You are going to have to clean the mess up and ensure smooth flow of activities. The trees that are huge also could block the sunlight in your backyard. Thus, you need to take away the trees to allow the sunlight shine maximally. You hire tree removal services of an expert business or both clear off the mess on your own.

Homeowners who make an effort to tackle the job of removing a tree on their own frequently discover that they are quickly overwhelmed by the job. Not just can the removal be hardly easy, it could not be extremely safe for those who aren’t experienced in the procedure. The larger the tree you would like to remove is, the more unsafe removing it becomes.

Hiring a tree service Bethesda to take down trees in your yard can provide satisfaction in knowing that the work is completed accurately and safely. Standard services include pruning, trimming, and partial removal of trees to correct security issues introduced by trees which have overgrown rooftops or are encroaching on lines. Limbs that hang over rooftops, particularly if they become diseased- pose an important risk should they drop all through storms of damaging the top. Cleanup can be also provided by tree removal services subsequent to the removal, which helps look after the mess that may be put aside from trimming or when limbs are broken-off. Several tree service businesses will also not be unwilling to offer fire-wood, so you you might consider contacting tree removal services to buy wood, if you have a fireplace. Preferably, you ought to hire expert tree removal service providers who understand the importance of the work and are accordingly not unable to deliver. Hiring a professional tree removal service provider includes edges that are several and for people who are not aware of these benefits, this is a short glimpse.

Shrub removal involves lots of risk especially if the tree is spread over a vast place and big. Hiring a local handyman to do the job increases this threat. All things considered, due to equipment together with the dearth of expertise, such folks are most likely to find yourself making mistakes that are terrible. However, the tree removal men are better equipped to handle such risks and therefore opting for their solutions decreases the quantity of risk involved. This really is only one of the important items to remember.

There are several things you have to request to ensure you are employing an expert firm, before you hire a tree removal service. Start by asking if a license is held by the business, and request to view a duplicate of the permit. You may then desire to request if the support holds insurance that protects your house in case of injuries as well as both workers. When they arrive, ensure that you check both insurance and the license to be sure you are protected since a homeowner can be held liable for injuries on their house in the event the organization is not properly certified and insured.

The next factor that is important is the price. Make sure to get quotes from several different companies just before you decide on an organization. You can make use of the internet to get a notion of how much tree removal Bethesda should cost, but be sure to request each business exactly what the service charge comprises. After you have made a final selection, you may be assured that trees in your yard will be removed in a professional manner that will enhance the look of your house and safely.

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Chimney Contractor: Taking A Look At Chimney Damage

chimney contractor

When homeowners construct chimneys, they build them to last forever. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case as the chimneys get damaged and you have to hire a chimney repair professional to fix them.

Causes of chimney damage

There are plenty of factors that bring about chimney damage. These factors include:

Settling: All houses settle with age, but those that aren’t constructed on strong foundation tend to develop cracks when they do it. When you have a poor foundation, it’s common for the firebox to develop cracks. It’s also common for the chimney to shift or tilt. When there are cracks in the chimney you have to hire a repair professional to fix them. If the damage is extensive the professional may have to bring down the entire chimney and install a new one.

Moisture: A leaking chimney not only makes the house inhabitable it also results in damage of the fireplace. There are many factors such as lack of flashing, poor installation of chimney crown and others that can result to a leaking chimney. The moisture from the leakages results to damage of the flue liner, refractory bricks, and even the damper. You should hire a contractor to undertake chimney inspection and fix any areas that might be leaking.

Poor maintenance: Just like any other unit in your home, you need to take care of your chimney for it to retain its look for long. When you don’t undertake chimney cleaning and repair the minor defects, your chimney will get damaged. To avoid this you should regularly clean your fireplace. You should also repair even the most minor problems as soon as you notice them.

Why you should repair chimney damage during summer

Chimney companies recommend that you fix chimney damages as soon as you notice them; however, it’s not always possible as the chimney contractors aren’t always available. If you are unable to reach a contractor and the damage can wait, you should wait until summer. Summer is said to be the off season for chimney sweeps thus many of them available at this time.

Another reason why you should repair your chimney during summer is because you tend to pay less. Since the chimney masonry repair professionals aren’t in high demand during summer, they charge less for their services. This results in you saving a lot of money.


These are the major causes of chimney damage and the right time to do the repair work. For ideal results ensure that the repair work is handled by an experienced chimney company.

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Golden Tips On Chimney Cleaning

chimney cleaning

Chimney cleaning is a must-do task for your home to be safe. When you clean your chimney you get rid of creosote that accumulates in the chimney preventing an effective release of chimney gasses. Since creosote levels don’t rise much, you protect your home from catching fire. To keep your chimney clean you need to consider these tips:

Undertake yearly chimney cleaning

According to chimney professionals, you don’t need to clean your chimney more than once a year unless you are using the chimney more often than other people. You can also consider cleaning the chimney more than once a year if you are burning unseasoned wood. If you are a regular chimney user and burn seasoned wood, yearly cleanings are enough to maintain your chimney in perfect condition. For ideal results ensure that the cleaning is done by an experienced chimney technician. In addition to the technicians cleaning the chimney, they are also able to spot problems and fix them before they get worse. Common chimney problems include: drafting issues, crumbling mortar and others.

Chimney contractors also have specialized tools that are able to clean the chimney fast and effectively. In addition to this, the contractors are trained and certified to do the work; therefore, they are able to do the cleaning work fast without any problems.

How to keep your chimney clean

There are plenty of things that you can do to keep your chimney clean. These things include:

  • Only burning seasoned wood. This is wood that has been treated for at least a year. The wood doesn’t produce much smoke and creosote.
  • When cleaning the chimney only use products designed for that purpose. As rule of thumb avoid household cleaners that leave a flammable residue that puts your home at the risk of catching fire.
  • Regularly get rid of ashes and fire debris from the firebox. Doing this makes it easy for you to start a fire. It also allows the fire to burn better thus not much creosote is deposited on the chimney walls.
  • Watch how you put out your chimney fire. To be on the safe side avoid putting it out with water as water makes the ash pasty. This makes it difficult to clean the fireplace. Since chimney sweeping professionals charge for their services depending on the amount of work they have to do, the more difficult it is for them to clean the fireplace, the more you have to pay.
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4 Tips On Gas Fireplaces And Log Sets

gas fireplace log sets

In addition to gas fireplaces being efficient, they are also easy to maintain as you don’t have to regularly undertake chimney cleaning. To give your fireplace a natural look you have to install gas log sets. To help you out, here are tips that you should consider for you to have a great experience with the log sets:

Have the gas logs installed by a certified professional

Many homeowners have the impression that all they need to do is purchase the log sets and place them on their gas fireplaces. While you can place the log sets by yourself, you won’t do a good job. For professional installation ensure that the log sets are installed by a certified chimney contractor. The contractor should have a thorough understanding of gas fireplaces, gas log sets and venting systems. The professional should also understand the installation codes in your area. This is to ensure that you don’t get on the wrong side of the law.

Ensure that the gas logs are of the right size

Contrary to popular belief, gas logs aren’t “one size fits all.” Gas fireplaces are of different sizes and so are gas logs. When making the purchase, take your time to research and find the ones that will fit your fireplace. The sets should fit into your firebox and at the same time leave sufficient room for air. There also should be reasonable space between the log sets and the walls to avoid overheating. If you have never bought the units before, always get the advice of a chimney company.

Be cautious of the control options of the log sets

To easily control the logs you need to ensure that you can easily control them. There are many control options that you can go with. You can go with remote control, thermostat or switch on the wall. Each control option has its pros and cons. You should speak to your chimney professional and get advice on the best control option to go with.

Undertake regular chimney inspection

Just like any other chimney, you need to undertake regular chimney inspection. You should carefully go through the log sets and inspect them for cracks and other problems. If they have lost their natural color or have cracks, consider replacing them. In addition to inspection, you also need to undertake regular chimney sweeping. This is to keep the chimney working effectively and protect your home from fire.

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Chimney Masonry Repair: Guide To Ensuring That Your Chimney Is Safe

chimney masonry repair

While the chimney provides you with warmth, it can be dangerous if you aren’t cautious enough. As a homeowner, safety should always be your priority. To help you out, here are tips to ensure that your chimney remains safe throughout the year:

Have it installed by a professional chimney contractor

Safety should begin at the time of chimney installation. Some homeowners try to cut costs by failing to hire a professional chimney contractor. The homeowners hire their friends or relatives. While this will save you money at the time of installation, you can end up spending a lot of money, in the long run, repairing the chimney. The chimney also poses danger to you and your family members as it can collapse anytime. To be on the safe side always ensure that the unit is installed by a professional. While the professional will be costly, it will be worth it in the long run as the unit will be professionally installed thus eliminating the risk of it collapsing on you or on your loved ones.

Undertake regular chimney inspection

Inexperienced homeowners think that once they have installed their chimney, they don’t have to look at it again. This is wrong. Just like any other unit, the chimney deteriorates over the years and if you aren’t keen the deterioration can be life threatening. To pick the chimney problems while they are in their early stages, undertake regular chimney inspection. You can inspect the chimney by yourself, but for ideal results hire a professional to help you out. The professional should inspect all areas from the chimney flashing to the burning area. If there are any faulty areas, the professional should fix them immediately.

Regularly clean your chimney

In addition to inspecting the chimney, you also need to regularly undertake chimney cleaning. Regardless of whether you use gas or firewood, creosote builds up in your chimney. Thick layers of creosote are not only unsightly to look at, they also put your house at the risk of fire. You should hire a chimney sweep to clean the chimney at least once a year.


These are tips on how to ensure that your chimney is safe. Birds and animals are attracted to the chimney due to its warmth. This puts your chimney at the risk of getting blocked thus becoming a fire hazard. To be on the safe side install a chimney cap to prevent the critters from getting access to your home.

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