5 Tips To A Successful Home Remodel Project

home remodel project

You can decide to have a home remodel project for various reasons. Your house might be getting old, you might not be liking the current look of the house, among many other things. Regardless of the reason, you are looking to remodel your house, you need to consider plenty of tips. Some of these tips include:

Take time to research

When your home is having plenty of problems, it’s common to be tempted to make a haste decision. For example, you can decide to bring down a kitchen or dining room that you shouldn’t have. To avoid this, take your time to research. Find about the functional and aesthetic problems that your home might be having.

You also should take to the internet and research some of the solutions and products available for your home.

When it comes to finding a contractor, many homeowners hire the first contractor that shows up in the search results pages. Don’t do this. Remember that just because the contractor is showing on the front page doesn’t mean they are better.

The best thing to do is to contact two or three contractors and interview them. Of course, you should only work with the most reputable and knowledgeable contractor.

Take the right measurements

One of the most common mistakes that do-it-yourselfers make is taking the wrong measurements. Measuring incorrectly can cost you a lot of money and headaches. Being off by an inch, half an inch, or even less can have dire consequences on your project.

Incorrect measurements can mean that you don’t have enough space to install your appliances. You also might not buy enough materials for your project.

To avoid making a mistake, measure the area multiple times. If working with someone, have him, or her also take the measurements to ensure that the numbers are accurate.

Don’t only focus on appearances

Of course, when you are remodeling your home, you want it to look fresh and new, but this shouldn’t be your only focus. Remember also to repair any areas that might not be visible to most people. You also should fix the faulty appliances in the house.

When remodeling the sitting area, don’t ignore the tiles in the bathroom, as ignoring them can lead to tile damage or mold growth. Also, neglecting to repair or replacing the pipes might bring about problems in the future, and you have to tear down the renovated space later on.

Use the right paint

Sometimes you might think that you need to make a serious remodeling project, but all you need is to paint the house. A few coats of quality paint and primer on the walls and trim can go a long way towards breathing a new life into the dark, musty, and tired rooms.

Talk to your contractor and find out whether the paint can give your area a new look. When using the paint, go for a high-quality one that will last for a long time. You also should apply the right paint in the right place.

For example, use flat paint on the ceilings and wall in low traffic areas as it doesn’t shine, shows marks, and it’s easy to clean.

Semi-gloss and gloss paints have a nice shine to them, which makes them an ideal choice for the kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-traffic areas.

Have proper plans

Don’t start the project without having all the policies in place. You need to plan out your project and create a project carefully. You should know where to get the materials, the home addition builder DC to hire, and how to go about the entire remodeling process.

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Do You Need To Hire Chimney Cleaning Services Providers To Clean A Gas Fireplace?

chimney cleaning services

The gas fireplace has recently become popular in new homes, house remodels, and in some advanced level home improvement projects.

The gas fireplace comes with plenty of benefits. In addition to being elegant to look at, it also saves you the trouble of having to chop, stack, and carry wood into the house. You also don’t have to clean the ashes from the previous fire for you to light a new one.

Gas fireplaces come in all manner of colors and shapes. Some are fueled by propane or natural gas. Some give a blue flame or yellow flame. Some require venting, while others don’t.

Although, you don’t light firewood there, you still need to hire chimney cleaning services providers to clean the fireplace.

To prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the fireplace, clean it at least once a month even if you aren’t using it.

For you to effectively clean the fireplace, follow these steps:

Turn off the gas supply

You don’t want to cause a dangerous gas leak in the house, do you? To avoid it, turn off the gas. All you need to do is to locate the gas valve located on the wall next to the fireplace then turn it off.

Once the pilot light is completely out, give the fireplace a few minutes for the gas to completely leave the piping in the fireplace. Waiting also gives the fireplace components time to cool, so you don’t get burnt when cleaning.

Disassemble the fireplace

Disassembling the fireplace varies depending on the design of the fireplace. Does your unit have a mesh curtain, metal screen, or glass doors? Remove them for easier cleaning. You also should carefully disassemble the logs and remove the burner unit.

Vacuum the burner and control area

If you see dust or debris on the burners and control area, use a vacuum cleaner hose attachment to suction the dirt away. You can also use the vacuum cleaner to clean lava rocks.

If the rocks are too small to be sucked into the vacuum hose, cover the hose with a piece of cheesecloth and secure it with a rubber band.

Are there spider webs in your fireplace? You can still use the vacuum to remove them.

Brush the logs

It’s common for homeowners to arrange fireplace logs in their fireplace solely for decorative purposes and also to give the fireplace an authentic look.

Use a hand broom or soft paintbrush to brush away the dirt and dust on each log or any other fireplace component you might be having.

When cleaning, carefully inspect the logs for holes, cracks, or excessive burn marks that might be present.

Clean the glass covering

Using a fireplace glass cleaner, clean the glass covering of the gas fireplace. Start with spraying the cleaner on a dry cloth then rub it in a circular motion on the glass.

If you haven’t cleaned the fireplace for long, so you have a lot of dirt and grime on it, spray the cleaner directly on the glass and rub it using a newspaper.

Once completely clean, let it dry before starting another fire.

Wipe down the hearth and mantle

Depending on the type of surfaces you have, use a damp cloth to wipe any excess soot or dirt that might have accumulated there. After each wipe, rinse out the cloth in warm water to keep it clean.

Only use water to wipe the insides of the fireplace. Chimney sweep services Bowie providers advise against using any cleaners as they might be containing harsh chemicals that might react badly with the heat from the fireplace.

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Commercial Appliances Repair: 6 Signs Its Time To Replace Your Garbage Disposal

commercial appliance repair

Garbage disposal comes in handy at keeping the kitchen sanitary and odor-free the entire year. Unfortunately, just like any other appliance, it gets old; thus, you have to replace it.

Here are six signs given by commercial appliances repair professionals that it’s time to replace your garbage disposal system:

Constant odors coming from the system

Since it’s meant for food scraps, it’s normal for odors to emanate from the garbage disposal. Luckily, there are cleaning products and solutions designed to freshen it up. When your unit is functioning optimally, using the cleaning products gets rid of most of the odors.

If you have tried cleaning the unit, but still the odor persists, it’s time to think about replacing it. Before you head to the stores to buy a new appliance, ask a plumber to inspect the unit and advise whether to go ahead and replace it.

The disposal unit keeps on clogging up

Does your unit clog up more than it works? Two things are happening. You are improperly using the garbage disposal, or the unit has lived past its life.

If you find yourself hunting for the garbage disposal key to crank the blades manually, you should start thinking about getting a new unit.

Garbage disposal professionals report that an overworked appliance tends to keep on clogging up, so when getting a new unit, go for a larger model than the one you are replacing. It will cost a little more, but it will do a better job and last longer.

The garbage disposal grinds food for a long time

Do you run the garbage disposal longer and longer every time you are using it? It means the blades are getting dull, and you should highly think about sharpening them. If you sharpen the garbage disposal blades and still the unit is taking forever to grind, consider getting a new appliance.

You have to reset the unit every time you use it

If you have to push the reset button every time you have to use the garbage disposal, it means the unit isn’t wired correctly. Contact a technician and ask them to inspect the unit and fix the problematic areas.

If they fix it several times and still the problem doesn’t go away, it’s time to get a new one.

Water is leaking from the garbage disposal

When you see water leaking from the unit, it means there are cracks that often signal that the garbage disposal is old, and it’s time to get a new one.

Regardless of how advanced your garbage disposal is, it will come a time when you will have to replace it. Most of the appliances last between eight and fifteen years. After this time, they not only consume a lot of energy; they also keep on breaking down.

When getting a new appliance, get a high-quality one with a high rating that will not only last for longer, but also save you a lot of energy and money in the long run.

Loud and unusual noises

Peculiar or new noises indicate serious problems with garbage disposal. Since the units have moving parts, the noises mean that the moving parts are coming into contact with other things hence the noises.

Shine a flashlight down the drain and check whether anything is blocking the unit. The noise may be coming from a small dish or sneaky piece of silverware.

When you find anything, remove it and test the working of the disposal. If you do don’t find anything, contact a commercial kitchen appliance repair Springfield professional to fix the unit. If the appliance is old, you may as well consider replacing it.

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Patio Contractors: 6 Ways To Transform Your Patio

patio contractors

After a hard day with a moody boss, relentless deadlines, and brainless colleagues, you want to sit back and enjoy some serenity. One of the best places to do this is in your patio.

Too bad if your patio looks ugly or tired as you won’t have a good time. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to improve its look as given by patio contractors. Some of these things include:

Clean it up

Sometimes all you need is to clean up the patio. Is your outdoor living space looking ugly and uninviting? Clear the debris, fix the chipped paint, and wash the outdoor furniture and you will have a space you will be proud of.

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to hire someone to help you out—you can do it yourself but if you are busy, ask one of your kids to lend a hand.

Repair the cracks

Are there chips, cracks or fading color on your patio? Fixing these flaws can go a long way at transforming the outdoor living space. If you have the skills, you can fix the patio by yourself, but if you have never done it before, let an expert handle it.

The amount of money you spend on repairs depends on the extent of damage. Before you begin the project, have a meeting with your contractor and come up with a budget. The contractor will also recommend the best products to use in your work.

Add a water feature

Is your electricity within reach? Have a water feature in place and add sound and ambience to the patio area. The soothing sounds created as the water flows mask the annoying sounds coming from cars, construction projects, and noisy neighbors.

To install the feature, consult a pool builder or any other qualified professional who will recommend the best feature for your home. The professional will also advise you on the right size you should go for.

Install patio pavers

If you have a poured-concrete patio, think about upgrading it using concrete pavers. The pavers are moderately priced and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Compared to the concrete slab, the pavers are easy and less expensive to repair. When the pavers get stained or crack, you can easily replace them. Sometimes all you need is to turn them over.

Heat the patio

Paired with comfy outdoor furniture, a fire pit can transform your patio to an area you don’t want to leave. Before installing an outdoor fireplace, check with your city to ensure your installation is legal.

If your city doesn’t allow a traditional, open wood fireplace, go for a natural gas fire pit.

Fire pits come in different designs and sizes. Work with your contractor and find out the best one for your backyard.

Light it up

Lights not only light up the outdoor space, but they also add safety and security to your home at night. LED lights have quickly grown in popularity, and they are incredibly economical where they consume up to 90% less energy than standard lights.

While the lights will be expensive to buy, they save you a lot of money in the long run.

Your turn

These are some of the ways in which you can transform your boring patio into an area you can’t resist. Different features have different effects on your patio. To have an easy time giving your outdoor space the look you want, work with experienced patio builders Long Island.

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Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning: 4 Consequences Of Ignoring Grease Traps

restaurant grease trap cleaning

If you produce a lot of fats and oils in your kitchen, you are required by law to have a grease trap in place.

Unfortunately, since the unit is out of sight, many people ignore it, leading to plenty of problems. The most common problems as given by restaurant grease trap cleaning professionals being:

Congested baffles

When you neglect the grease trap, the incoming FOGs accumulate on the baffles. This leads to waste spills. The congested baffles require you to hire an expensive contractor to unblock them, which sees you spending a lot of money.

Accumulation of FOGs also results in odors in the kitchen which not only make it uncomfortable for you and your staff to work in the kitchen, it also drives customers away.

For you to prevent the congested baffles from coming about, pump out the grease trap regularly.

Blocked lines

When you allow FOGs to accumulate, they lead to blocked lines. Two of the most common lines that block are crossover and outgoing lines.

Crossover line: The grease trap has baffles and a holding tank with two compartments. Wastewater coming from the sinks and dishwashers separate from the oils and fats in the first compartment. This leaves greasy waste to float on the trap.

The wastewater that settles at the bottom flows to the second compartment via the crossover line and into the sewer line.

When the crossover line blocks, wastewater accumulates in the first compartment which minimizes the efficiency of the grease trap system. The blockage also results in the wastewater backing up in the sinks.

The outgoing line: It’s a pipe that drains wastewater to the sewer system. As wastewater flows from the holding tank into the sewer, it gives grease enough time to separate from the water.

When the outgoing line is blocked, it prevents wastewater from flowing from the holding tank. This dramatically reduces the efficiency of the grease trap to separate grease from wastewater which causes more buildup.

For you to keep the lines clog-free, make a habit of pumping and cleaning the grease trap more regularly. If you have neglected the lines for a long time, cleaning them won’t fix the problem. Sometimes you have to replace them.

Clogged flow restrictor

A flow restrictor is a small device located between the grease trap tank and incoming lines. Its role is to regulate the amount of water coming from the kitchen sinks and dishwashers through the incoming line.

The restrictor also facilitates the proper flow of wastewater by allowing adequate air to enter the incoming line.

When you throw food in the drains, and you don’t remove them early enough, they clog the flow restrictor. As you might have guessed, this prevents air and water from entering through the incoming line, which results in slow drains and backups in the kitchen sinks.

If the restrictor has already clogged, cleaning it will go a long way at getting rid of the clogs and allowing the water and air to flow normally.

You should note that if the diameter of the restrictor is too small, the contractor you hire might have to replace the device to minimize the risk of future blockages.

Expensive repairs

The final consequence of you failing to maintain the grease trap is incurring huge repair costs when looking to repair the blocked or clogged sewer lines.

If your lines are clogged, don’t be like other business or homeowners that hire the cheapest grease trap cleaning services NYC providers. Remember that cheap is expensive. Since the cheap contractors are inexperienced, they don’t clean the lines as well as they should.

In some cases, they even end up damaging the grease trap. Do you want to keep the grease trap in pristine shape all the time? Hire experienced contractors. While they will be expensive, they will provide you with expert services.

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Granite Countertops Dos And Don’ts

Granite countertops are beautiful, durable, and significantly increase the value of a home. For you to keep them looking great, you must take good care of them. Here are a set of dos and don’ts to keep them in top shape:

Do install them properly

Everything begins here. You won’t have a pleasant experience with the countertops if you don’t install them properly. When they feel they should install countertops, many homeowners hire the first contractor they come across. This is wrong.

No two contractors are similar. Some are experienced and properly install the countertops while others don’t understand what they are doing and end up not only installing the countertops the wrong way, but also damage them.

Take time when hiring. Interview different granite contractors and settle on the best one. The right contractor must have handled similar projects in the past. The granite contractor must also have a good reputation. You can determine the reputation by reaching out to former customers.

On the verge of cutting costs, some homeowners hire the cheapest contractor they come across. Don’t do this. Remember, you get what you pay for; you can’t pay cheap and expect premium granite countertop installation.

Stay away from cheap countertop contractors. While they might be tempting, they will make you lose more money than you are looking to save. Hire contractors with a proven work record. While they will charge more, the extra amount is worth it as they will perfectly install the countertops.

Do protect the surfaces

Although granite is tough and durable, it can be damaged by knives and hot pots. For the countertops to retain their elegant look for long, you need to protect them. When chopping up cooking ingredients, always use a chopping board.

When cooking, place hot pads under hot pots and pans. This is to prevent the hot appliances from coming into direct contact with the granite surfaces.

Do keep the surfaces sealed

Due to the porous nature of granite, you must seal the countertop to prevent liquids from getting into the inner layers. You must do the first sealing at the time of installation then repeat the sealing at the end of every year.

To tell whether the countertops are ripe for sealing, pour some water on the surfaces. If they turn dark, go ahead and seal them. Just as you should use a premium contractor to seal the surfaces, you also must use a premium sealing agent that will give you a long service.

Do keep the countertop surfaces clean

Clean surfaces not only leave your kitchen or bathroom looking elegant, they also last for a long time. To have an easy time cleaning them, clear the spills as soon as they happen.

Use a mild water and soap solution to remove dirt and grime. Only use a special cleaner if the solution doesn’t give the countertops a clean look you are looking for. Regardless of how dirty the surfaces are, never use oils, lemon juice, or acidic substances as you will end up damaging the surfaces.

Do repair the surfaces

Regardless of how well you maintain the surfaces, they develop problems you must address as soon as possible to keep the countertops in pristine condition. Even if the problem is minor, let an experienced professional handle it.

Do replace the countertops

Properly maintained granite lasts for years. If you have had yours for decades and it has started giving your kitchen or bathroom a washed-out look, it’s time to think about removing it and installing a new one. Find reputable granite countertop installers Rockville to remove the countertops and help you find modern slabs that accentuate your home.

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Which is the best material for kitchen countertops?


Numerous option for countertops

The kitchen is as important as any other rooms of a house. You can draw attention of the visitors by decorating your kitchen in an innovative way. Decoration of a kitchen includes the steps like a countertop installation, planning innovative storage ideas, constructing cool cupboards and drawers, having branded electronic accessories and many more. Whatever, you do maintenance is the magic mantra to keep your kitchen perfect for years.

By adding a countertop to your kitchen you can not only enhance the beauty of your kitchen, but also can add safety to your kitchen. The overall look of your kitchen is dependent on the countertop material you choose. You can choose from a variety of countertop materials available in the market. Marble countertops are the most popular countertops after Granite and are preferred by a huge number of people. These countertops give a classic look to the kitchen and are almost maintenance free. However, it is not the perfect material for a hardworking kitchen as Marble is vulnerable to stains.

Countertop installation

If you are an artistic person and love to decorate your house in an innovative way, then you can choose Silestone countertops for your kitchen. This is now the world’s leading material used for countertops. It gives a sophisticated look to your kitchen as well as durable enough. This is, however, not completely scratch proof like Quartz and can get damaged if exposed to excessive pressure. As it is a polished and non-porous material so it is highly resistant to any household stains. Sealing is not required like Granite. However, the installation process is not easy and a commercial countertop installation company should be contacted for assistance.

If you are searching for the most durable option for your kitchen, then quartz kitchen countertops are the ultimate option. It is made of the hardest mineral on earth that is Quartz. They are also the most eye catching material that can be used as kitchen countertops. They come in a variety of colors like earthy browns, creams with sparkles, black, apple green and even fire-engine red. The only difference is that these slabs are designed in factories unlike other natural stones which are mined.

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Understanding the problem with your chimney

chimney cleaning

It is recommended to inspect your chimneys on a regular basis. A yearly check will ensure if your chimney has degraded over the time. Completely broken chimneys are expensive to reconstruct. Not only this, broken chimneys can result in fatal accidents. Hence, it is necessary to identify these problems at the root level and amend them. Simple measures can help in taking care of your chimneys. A chimney inspection every year from a recognized company will not do you any harm.

Basic problems can be identified and handled by yourself. A small chimney brick repair or a chimney masonry repair can be undertaken by yourself. Here is a list of how to identify if your chimney requires repairing or not.

Symptoms of degraded chimney:

  • Presence of smoke in the room

If there is an excess of smoke in the room it implies that your chimney is blocked with soot and should be cleared immediately.

  • Slow drawing of fire

If you own a wooden fireplace and it is noticed that the wood or coal does not catch fire rapidly, it is necessary to get help from companies specializing in wood fireplace repair. This problem could have several reasons. Moist flues are the common reasons for slow burning. Moist flues are expected during the rains. Formation of cracks in the mortar is another reason for slow burning.

  • Bits of mortar dropping

If you notice bits of mortar or bricks in your fireplace you should be vigilant. In most cases, the deterioration is from the flue. If so, consult a chimney repair firm. If the outer part of the chimney is affected then you should reconstruct it as soon as possible.

These are the basic problems that may arise if you own a chimney. It is always recommended to call in technicians to repair your chimneys. But if you think you can handle the task yourself, be sure to take extra protection. Always make sure to wear a harness belt before climbing your house to repair your chimney in Annapolis. Firm ladders must be used for this purpose.

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How To Fix A Leaning Chimney

leaning chimney

A leaning chimney comes about when the chimney starts to detach form the rest of the house. The most common causes are huge cracks and gaps. The problem also comes about when you construct your house on unsettled ground. As the floor starts to settle, the heaviest part of the house—the flue—begins to detach from the house.

This phenomenon causes leaks and severe cases the leaning chimney can weaken the entire building and cause it to collapse. Due to the danger that comes with a leaning chimney, you should contact a chimney repair expert as soon as you notice the problem.

How to fix a leaning chimney

There are many options that you can go with to fix a leaning chimney. Some of the most effective ways include:

Metal cables: this is when a chimney contractor straps the flue to the rest of the house to regain stability. While this will fix the problem, the solution isn’t permanent and you will be forced to fix the problem after some time.

A more permanent option is removing the old mortar and install new one. You should remove the cracking or crumbling mortar using a grout saw. You should then remove the mortar bits by spraying the area with a hose. For ideal results, you should allow the wall to dry for 24 hours after which you should prepare the new mortar and apply it to the gaps in the brick until it sits evenly.

Once the mortar is dry you should hammer the flashing in place then apply a waterproof sealant to prevent any leaks.

If you notice that the full-length of the chimney is pulling away from the house, it’s a sign of serious structural problems with the foundation. A case of this magnitude shouldn’t be handled by the homeowner. The best way of going about it is hiring a chimney repair technician to inspect the area and give you the right recommendations.

You should note that in some cases you may be required to bring down the entire fireplace and construct a new one.


A leaning chimney is a ticking time bomb thus you should address it as soon as possible. For ideal results you should ensure that the chimney repair pg county is done by an experienced professional.

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What are the benefits of polyethylene grease traps?


Grease traps are one of the best preventative plumbing measures any home or business owner can take.  By installing grease traps in each of your sinks, you are eliminating the possibility of excess grease, oil and other waste from entering your plumbing system.  Be sure to get in touch with a local drain cleaning company to inquire about grease trap sizing and grease trap installation!  Regular grease trap cleaning is also very important so that your grease interceptors are as effective as possible.  Our top recommendation is a polyethylene grease interceptor; they have the best track record at keeping pipeline systems in tip top shape!

To make sure your plumbing system and drainpipes are in full working order, you can schedule a pipeline inspection with one of your local drain maintenance companies.  During this video pipeline inspection, your drain cleaning contractors will use a highly sophisticated pipeline camera to detect any irregularities such as clogged pipes or drain damage.  If any problems are encountered, your sewer cleaning contractors will present you with a list of drain repair and sewer maintenance options.  Try to find a sewer cleaning company that offers 24 hour maintenance services – that way you’ll always know there’s someone you can call in case of a plumbing emergency.

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