4 Tips On Gas Fireplaces And Log Sets

gas fireplace log sets

In addition to gas fireplaces being efficient, they are also easy to maintain as you don’t have to regularly undertake chimney cleaning. To give your fireplace a natural look you have to install gas log sets. To help you out, here are tips that you should consider for you to have a great experience with the log sets:

Have the gas logs installed by a certified professional

Many homeowners have the impression that all they need to do is purchase the log sets and place them on their gas fireplaces. While you can place the log sets by yourself, you won’t do a good job. For professional installation ensure that the log sets are installed by a certified chimney contractor. The contractor should have a thorough understanding of gas fireplaces, gas log sets and venting systems. The professional should also understand the installation codes in your area. This is to ensure that you don’t get on the wrong side of the law.

Ensure that the gas logs are of the right size

Contrary to popular belief, gas logs aren’t “one size fits all.” Gas fireplaces are of different sizes and so are gas logs. When making the purchase, take your time to research and find the ones that will fit your fireplace. The sets should fit into your firebox and at the same time leave sufficient room for air. There also should be reasonable space between the log sets and the walls to avoid overheating. If you have never bought the units before, always get the advice of a chimney company.

Be cautious of the control options of the log sets

To easily control the logs you need to ensure that you can easily control them. There are many control options that you can go with. You can go with remote control, thermostat or switch on the wall. Each control option has its pros and cons. You should speak to your chimney professional and get advice on the best control option to go with.

Undertake regular chimney inspection

Just like any other chimney, you need to undertake regular chimney inspection. You should carefully go through the log sets and inspect them for cracks and other problems. If they have lost their natural color or have cracks, consider replacing them. In addition to inspection, you also need to undertake regular chimney sweeping. This is to keep the chimney working effectively and protect your home from fire.

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