Chimney Contractor: Taking A Look At Chimney Damage

chimney contractor

When homeowners construct chimneys, they build them to last forever. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case as the chimneys get damaged and you have to hire a chimney repair professional to fix them.

Causes of chimney damage

There are plenty of factors that bring about chimney damage. These factors include:

Settling: All houses settle with age, but those that aren’t constructed on strong foundation tend to develop cracks when they do it. When you have a poor foundation, it’s common for the firebox to develop cracks. It’s also common for the chimney to shift or tilt. When there are cracks in the chimney you have to hire a repair professional to fix them. If the damage is extensive the professional may have to bring down the entire chimney and install a new one.

Moisture: A leaking chimney not only makes the house inhabitable it also results in damage of the fireplace. There are many factors such as lack of flashing, poor installation of chimney crown and others that can result to a leaking chimney. The moisture from the leakages results to damage of the flue liner, refractory bricks, and even the damper. You should hire a contractor to undertake chimney inspection and fix any areas that might be leaking.

Poor maintenance: Just like any other unit in your home, you need to take care of your chimney for it to retain its look for long. When you don’t undertake chimney cleaning and repair the minor defects, your chimney will get damaged. To avoid this you should regularly clean your fireplace. You should also repair even the most minor problems as soon as you notice them.

Why you should repair chimney damage during summer

Chimney companies recommend that you fix chimney damages as soon as you notice them; however, it’s not always possible as the chimney contractors aren’t always available. If you are unable to reach a contractor and the damage can wait, you should wait until summer. Summer is said to be the off season for chimney sweeps thus many of them available at this time.

Another reason why you should repair your chimney during summer is because you tend to pay less. Since the chimney masonry repair professionals aren’t in high demand during summer, they charge less for their services. This results in you saving a lot of money.


These are the major causes of chimney damage and the right time to do the repair work. For ideal results ensure that the repair work is handled by an experienced chimney company.

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