Chimney Contractor: 3 Reasons Why Your Chimney Isn’t Working

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Chimneys can get expensive especially if you are looking to invest in the latest designs. Due to the costs that come with it, you should get the most from the fireplace. Unfortunately, studies show that most homeowners don’t get the warmth and comfort that they should. If you are having problems with your chimney here are top reasons given by chimney repair professionals as to why you aren’t getting what you paid for:

You are misusing the chimney

Although, the chimney is one of the most common units in most households, most homeowners don’t use it correctly. One of the most common ways in which chimneys are misused is disposition of rubbish in the chimney. This results to plenty of creosote getting deposited in the chimney. If plenty of creosote is deposited, the chimney becomes a ticking time bomb. To be on the safe side avoid burning rubbish in your chimney.

Animals are blocking your chimney

Due to the warmth of the chimney, it’s common for birds and squirrels to build nests there. If plenty of nests are constructed they can prevent smoke from escaping into the environment. This results to most of the smoke getting back into the house thus making the house uncomfortable to live in. Some of the smoke also gets deposited in the chimney resulting to high creosote levels. In some cases the birds and animals die in the chimney blocking the chimney further.

To avoid this, regularly hire a chimney contractor to undertake chimney inspection. During inspection, the professional will identify the nests and dead animals, and get rid of them.

You are operating the chimney with the damper closed

Chimney damper is a unit located in the throat of a masonry chimney. It’s usually located above the firebox and is designed to seal the fireplace when not in use. In some cases homeowners light up fire but forget opening the damper. This is common if you had stayed for long without using the chimney. The result is that smoke fills up the home as it can’t leave.

If you have stayed for long without using the chimney, you shouldn’t jump into lighting fire. Chimney professionals recommend that you hire a chimney sweeping professional who will help you clean the chimney and prepare it for fire. While sweeping, the professional will open the damper.


These are just a few of the common reasons why your chimney might not be working. Take good care of your chimney and you will have a chimney that not only works efficiently, but one that also lasts for a long time.

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