Chimney Company: Taking A Look At The Common Wood Stove Problems And How To Fix Them

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Wood stoves come in different sizes, shapes and designs. They are designed to increase the efficiency of your wood burning fireplace. Just like any other appliance in your home, the wood stove also develops problems that make it impossible for it to function efficiently. Here are the common wood stove problems and what you can do about it:

Faulty wood stove door

Due to old age or inappropriate use, the stove door gets loose resulting to lose of heat. If the door of your stove is loose, check the door gaskets. If they are broken, there are many retail stores where you can buy them from. Also take a look at the glass and check whether it’s damaged. If damaged, consider replacing it. If you have the skills you can fix the problem by yourself, but if you have never fixed a similar problem before, hire a chimney contractor to help you out.

Chimney obstruction

Animals, birds, debris, deterioration of the masonry, excess creosote buildup and other products obstruct the chimney. When there is chimney obstruction, wood stove gets drafty. This not only reduces the effectiveness of the stove, it also puts your property at the risk of catching fire. The best remedy for the problem is to hire a chimney cleaning professional to remove the blockage.

Tightly sealed home

To prevent heat loss, most homeowners tightly seal their homes. Due to the tightness, the chimneys don’t operate as effectively as they should. If your home is tightly sealed and you want to improve the effectiveness of the wood stove, operating the wood stove with the door open. If this doesn’t fix the problem hire a chimney repair professional to help you come up with a solution.

Dirty wood stove

Just like other parts of your chimney, the wood stove gets dirty. Studies show that many homeowners fail to clean their stoves as frequently as they should. Remember that you are burning wood in the stove; therefore, you should clean it more often than the gas stove. To give the unit a perfect clean look, hire a professional chimney sweeping professional.


These are the common wood stove problems you should know about. To maintain the efficiency of the unit, regularly inspect and clean it.  If your unit has broken down, hire a chimney masonry repair professional to fix it for you.

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