Chimney Company: 4 Things You Should Know About Your Chimney

Chimney company

While the chimney is one of the most common units in American homes, studies show that many homeowners know little about them. To help you out, here are some of the things that you should know about your chimney:

How to tell if your chimney needs cleaning

If you ask most Americans, they will tell you that they need to undertake chimney cleaning. Unfortunately few of them know when to do. There is no defined time when you should clean your chimney. To know when your chimney is ripe for cleaning you should inspect it from the top and bottom. If the creosote levels in the chimney are high, your unit requires some cleaning.

How to know when your chimney is on fire

Fire is one of the major problems with chimneys. It comes about when the chimney is too dirty. When your chimney is on fire you not only risk burning down your property, you also put your family members at risk. Tell-tale signs that your chimney is on fire include: frames coming out at the top of the chimney, black smoke resulting from the chimney, and the chimney making the sounds synonymous to that of a freight train. When you notice fire you should contact the fire department in your area. Chimney contractors often discourage people from going inside the house to save their property as they risk hurting themselves.

How to tell if the chimney is leaking

The last thing that you need is a leaking chimney. The leaking chimney makes the house uncomfortable to live it. It also puts your house at the risk of collapsing. The problem comes about due to lack or inefficient chimney cap. Your chimney will also leak when it’s too old. Signs that your chimney is leaking include water puddles and water stains on the walls and ceiling. You should inspect the chimney mortar joints and crown and find out if there are cracks allowing water into the house. To fix the problem you should hire a masonry contractor.

How to tell when the chimney is blocked

A blocked chimney makes the house uncomfortable to live in. It also puts your house at the risk of fire. If you have a gas chimney, blocking of the chimney puts you and your family at the risk of dying as the toxic gasses don’t leave the house. If smoke isn’t leaving the house and you can see the top of the chimney from the bottom, your chimney is blocked and you should hire a chimney company to unblock it.

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