Understanding the problem with your chimney

chimney cleaning

It is recommended to inspect your chimneys on a regular basis. A yearly check will ensure if your chimney has degraded over the time. Completely broken chimneys are expensive to reconstruct. Not only this, broken chimneys can result in fatal accidents. Hence, it is necessary to identify these problems at the root level and amend them. Simple measures can help in taking care of your chimneys. A chimney inspection every year from a recognized company will not do you any harm.

Basic problems can be identified and handled by yourself. A small chimney brick repair or a chimney masonry repair can be undertaken by yourself. Here is a list of how to identify if your chimney requires repairing or not.

Symptoms of degraded chimney:

  • Presence of smoke in the room

If there is an excess of smoke in the room it implies that your chimney is blocked with soot and should be cleared immediately.

  • Slow drawing of fire

If you own a wooden fireplace and it is noticed that the wood or coal does not catch fire rapidly, it is necessary to get help from companies specializing in wood fireplace repair. This problem could have several reasons. Moist flues are the common reasons for slow burning. Moist flues are expected during the rains. Formation of cracks in the mortar is another reason for slow burning.

  • Bits of mortar dropping

If you notice bits of mortar or bricks in your fireplace you should be vigilant. In most cases, the deterioration is from the flue. If so, consult a chimney repair firm. If the outer part of the chimney is affected then you should reconstruct it as soon as possible.

These are the basic problems that may arise if you own a chimney. It is always recommended to call in technicians to repair your chimneys. But if you think you can handle the task yourself, be sure to take extra protection. Always make sure to wear a harness belt before climbing your house to repair your chimney in Annapolis. Firm ladders must be used for this purpose.

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How To Fix A Leaning Chimney

leaning chimney

A leaning chimney comes about when the chimney starts to detach form the rest of the house. The most common causes are huge cracks and gaps. The problem also comes about when you construct your house on unsettled ground. As the floor starts to settle, the heaviest part of the house—the flue—begins to detach from the house.

This phenomenon causes leaks and severe cases the leaning chimney can weaken the entire building and cause it to collapse. Due to the danger that comes with a leaning chimney, you should contact a chimney repair expert as soon as you notice the problem.

How to fix a leaning chimney

There are many options that you can go with to fix a leaning chimney. Some of the most effective ways include:

Metal cables: this is when a chimney contractor straps the flue to the rest of the house to regain stability. While this will fix the problem, the solution isn’t permanent and you will be forced to fix the problem after some time.

A more permanent option is removing the old mortar and install new one. You should remove the cracking or crumbling mortar using a grout saw. You should then remove the mortar bits by spraying the area with a hose. For ideal results, you should allow the wall to dry for 24 hours after which you should prepare the new mortar and apply it to the gaps in the brick until it sits evenly.

Once the mortar is dry you should hammer the flashing in place then apply a waterproof sealant to prevent any leaks.

If you notice that the full-length of the chimney is pulling away from the house, it’s a sign of serious structural problems with the foundation. A case of this magnitude shouldn’t be handled by the homeowner. The best way of going about it is hiring a chimney repair technician to inspect the area and give you the right recommendations.

You should note that in some cases you may be required to bring down the entire fireplace and construct a new one.


A leaning chimney is a ticking time bomb thus you should address it as soon as possible. For ideal results you should ensure that the chimney repair pg county is done by an experienced professional.

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What are the benefits of polyethylene grease traps?


Grease traps are one of the best preventative plumbing measures any home or business owner can take.  By installing grease traps in each of your sinks, you are eliminating the possibility of excess grease, oil and other waste from entering your plumbing system.  Be sure to get in touch with a local drain cleaning company to inquire about grease trap sizing and grease trap installation!  Regular grease trap cleaning is also very important so that your grease interceptors are as effective as possible.  Our top recommendation is a polyethylene grease interceptor; they have the best track record at keeping pipeline systems in tip top shape!

To make sure your plumbing system and drainpipes are in full working order, you can schedule a pipeline inspection with one of your local drain maintenance companies.  During this video pipeline inspection, your drain cleaning contractors will use a highly sophisticated pipeline camera to detect any irregularities such as clogged pipes or drain damage.  If any problems are encountered, your sewer cleaning contractors will present you with a list of drain repair and sewer maintenance options.  Try to find a sewer cleaning company that offers 24 hour maintenance services – that way you’ll always know there’s someone you can call in case of a plumbing emergency.

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Specialized Rooter Service Supplied By Drain Cleaning Specialists

drain cleaning

In an instance, when your tub drain blockages even more after you take out a pipeline snake from it, you find yourself in terrific distress. Though an air pump plunger can be used, acquiring closure on the overrunning drainpipe will certainly be challenging. In drainpipe problems such as this, the accessibility panel needs to be opened for cleaning it by means of the branch line. This needs abilities as well as tools that you as a residence owner won’t have. But you can currently take assistance from reputed drainpipe cleaning business that are well-appointed with skilled and qualified drain cleaning Manhattan. These firms offer only top quality solution at very fair rates.

Couple of establishments offered

Nearly every family needs employing licensed service technicians for getting efficient Sewer and Drain Cleaning solutions. Flexible solution and also scrupulous work are couple of points that manage the appeal of numerous dependable drainpipe cleaning firms. The well qualified employees of these companies use well kept and modern-day tools for removing sewage system lines as well as clogged drains. Likewise, video inspections are performed by specialists for the purpose of Main sewer line cleaning. Defrosting icy pipelines is another service that is mostly taken by different property owners. The services are supplied seven days in a week as well as twenty-four hours in a day.

Stop groundwater contamination

It is highly important that you put focus on the environment around your workplace when you are the workplace, owners. You will be accountable for anything going wrong inside the properties. If you see any issue with the drain and sewer and drainpipe as well as leave it as it is, it could lead to groundwater contamination as well as flooding as well. Now you could likewise pick Commercial Drain Cleaning solutions at budget-friendly prices. Sink, catch basin, storm drain, lateral line cleaning as well as floor drains are couple of crucial drainpipe cleaning company. Clogs, bellied water pipes, and also leaking joints are couple of sewer line substitute services.

Accessibility of licensed specialists

Users cause a great deal of misuses while using the urinals and industrial commodes. If toilets do not work effectively, it could detrimentally influence buildings and companies. Instantaneous Toilet drain cleaning is important that is important for the wellness of your staff members, and will certainly likewise avoid the event of slippery areas. Insured and also approved service technicians offer Rooter service by using quality components for fixing and also replacing pipes related wit the advertisement commodes. Some of the components used for unclogging toilets and dealing with split bowls are flush shutoff, flapper, car sensor shutoff, bowl and also many more.

Choosing the service provider

Together with several of the services, the professional drain cleaning service westchester ny are likewise acquiring reputation due to the availability of Drain pipeline inspection with a video camera. This helps in locating the locations that can not be seen with naked eyes. It guarantees correct cleaning of the whole pipeline. Not just this, however the professionals supply unexpected emergency services also. No task is little or huge for the professionals.

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How to choose the best AC Repair Company?

In today’s industry, there is a plethora of Mitsubishi Ductless AC Long Island that keep as well as mount a/c, home heating and also airing systems. Both commercial as well as domestic customers could take up these solutions. The existence of very trained professionals has made these business very renowned through their notable services. The professionals have the knowledge for dealing with personalized cover steel, high-efficiency heaters, electronic air cleaners as well as air conditioners too. These firms consistently remain current on the industry’s most advanced technologies for offering indoor convenience to their customers. Most importantly, you could currently avail every one of the services at extremely reasonable costs.

Need for Air conditioning

Warmth pump blunders typically take place due to thermostat breakdowns. Though you can acquire important info and tips for fixing it, you may not have the optimal expertise for fixing it in the proper fashion that may get worse the scenario. During the winter months, a correctly working warmth pump system is extremely important for keeping your family members warm. However, Heat pump repair service is now quite quickly available from licensed AIR CONDITIONING contractor where the professionals can repair any sort of brand name of pumps. All kinds of Gas heat pump repair solutions are supplied after diagnosing the problems.

Background screened service providers

House heating systems can be a number of such as heath pumps, oil heating systems, forced air systems, boilers as well as many more. Malfunctioning of all these systems could put the lives of you and your member of the family in distress. Home heating repair services are readily available from dependable firms whose professionals treat the systems and also your property with respect and skills. In some cases, also when you take required actions for maintaining the residence heating systems healthy, you feel the requirement of taking Furnace repair solutions. Routine heating system upkeep services by background screened professionals will certainly boost the lifetime of systems.

Watching the alternatives

If the heating system of your house has actually been utilized for fifteen years, then you need to engage in Furnace replacement. Few options that you can locate while selecting replacements are geothermal systems, vent-free heating systems, solar furnaces, electrical heat as well as ductless systems. No matter of the heater you pick, the certified specialists excel for setting up each one of the items efficiently and swiftly. For dependable heater replacement, see to it you are dealing with a reputed HEATING AND COOLING business. Also, the business will provide you with complimentary estimations. Then, you could determine whether to take the solutions or otherwise.

Some typical problems

Numerous residents as well as advertisement workplaces need Gas furnace repair services for some usual problems. Non-heating furnace, not creating adequate heat, the blower is not shutting off, a loud furnace and also mismatched thermostat and furnaces are couple of concerns that could place any person in trouble. Now Heating unit repair services can be acquired from various ac repair smithtown that will supply you mind peace. Nevertheless, when these issues happen, do not attempt to repair it by yourself, as not having the expertise to fix it appropriately will destroy systems a lot more. Thus, count just on the sector leaders for quality work at reasonable prices. Take the aid of specialists to overcome residential troubles as well as avert emergency circumstances.

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Are you looking for chimney contractors?


Are you looking for a chimney repair service in Maryland?  Look no further!  Maryland Chimney Contractor are expert in chimney repairs, chimney construction and chimney inspection.  No one knows how to clean a chimney better than our very own chimney specialists.  Whether you are in need of chimney cap repair, chimney flue repair, brick chimney repair, fireplace repair or chimney lining, we have got you covered!

We use the very best chimney sweepers, chimney relining tools and chimney brushes available.  No other chimney company in Virginia knows better than us now to repair a chimney and the right chimney liners to use.  Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate and to learn more about our chimney repair cost and chimney cleaning costs.

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Chimney Contractor: What You Should Know About Fireplace Inserts

chimney contractor

Fireplace inserts are units designed to increase the efficiency of a fireplace. They are made from a fireproof box surrounded by cast iron or steel that aids in trapping heat. The inserts are inserted in a masonry fireplace where they improve the look of the fireplace in addition to its efficiency. There are many types of inserts such as gas fireplace inserts, wood stove inserts and many others that you can go for.

Why you should install fireplace inserts

There are many reasons why you should install the units in your home. These reasons include:

Increase in fireplace efficiency: I have mentioned this benefit above. In fact, this is the main reason why many homeowners install the inserts in their homes. According to chimney experts, the inserts can increase the efficiency of your fireplace to up to 80%. This is because they come with sealed, air tight door systems that reduce heat loss.

Environmentally friendly: With the high pollution, almost everyone is trying to reduce air pollution. Fireplace inserts have the ability to reduce emissions to zero. Some of the wood burning inserts run on wood pellets that are renewable and sustainable. Since the inserts greatly reduce the emissions and also use pellets, they greatly reduce the carbon footprint thus conserve the environment.

They save you money: Since they operate more efficiently, the inserts save you money that you would have spent warming your house. As mentioned above, some homeowners install the inserts when they are looking to improve the look of their fireplace. Renovating or reconstructing a fireplace is expensive. The fireplace inserts serve as a cheaper option of improving your fireplace. The cool thing is that the inserts come in different designs and all you need to do is choose the one that complements your fireplace and home décor.

Guide to having a great experience with your fireplace inserts

To have a great experience with the inserts you should ensure that the units are installed by a professional chimney company. The company will help you choose a design that complements your home and also looks good on your fireplace. Most of the inserts come with self-cleaning glass doors that have the ability of even burning accumulated creosote thus eliminating your need to undertake chimney cleaning. You should properly take care of the door to ensure that it’s always in top working condition. This calls for you to protect the glass from breaking. When you notice a problem with your inserts you should immediately hire a professional and have the problem checked.

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Chimney Masonry Repair: Everything You Need To Know About Chimney Cracks

Chimney masonry repair

Chimney cracks are one of the most common problems with masonry chimneys. A cracked chimney puts you at the risk of getting injured in the event it collapses. Chimney masonry repair professionals also report that a cracked chimney doesn’t work as effectively as it should. Due to this, you end up spending a lot of money keeping your house warm. An ineffectively working chimney also puts your house is at the risk of catching fire as the creosote tends to accumulate in cracks. If the chimney sweeping professionals don’t remove the creosote soon enough, your chimney is at great risk of catching fire.

Causes of a cracked chimney

There are many factors that can bring about the cracking of a masonry chimney. These factors include:

Improper construction: Just like when you are installing any other unit, there is no way that your chimney will be strong if it’s improperly installed. One of the major mistakes made by inexperienced chimney contractors is the failure to install an air space gap between the chimney and flue lining. Due to this, the expansion of the flue causes the cracking of the surrounding brick. Inexperienced contractors also tend to install the chimney while leaning on one side thus putting it at the risk of developing cracks and even collapsing.

Moisture damage: Chimneys have a mortar and crown that prevents moisture from getting into the chimney. When a lot of water gets into the masonry, there is the freezing and thawing cycles resulting in the movement of the chimney bricks. Due to the movement, cracks come about.

Wind tension: Formation of cracks due to wind tension is common in areas frequented by strong winds. The strong winds blow onto the chimney causing it to crack. To avoid this problem you should install steel rods inside your chimney.

Age: This is a common problem where the chimney develops cracks over its life.

Tips on how to fix chimney cracks

As mentioned above, there are plenty of dangers that come with a cracked chimney. To avoid the dangers you should hire a masonry contractor to fix your unit as soon as you notice the cracks. The repair required depends on the extent of the damage. If there is only minimal damage, the contractor will need to seal the cracks but if the damage is extensive, the professional may have to bring down the entire chimney and construct it afresh.


Chimney cracks are a life risk to you and your family thus you should have them fixed as soon as you notice them. To prevent the cracks from happening in the first place you should hire an experienced and certified chimney contractor to install your chimney.

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Chimney Company: 4 Things You Should Know About Your Chimney

Chimney company

While the chimney is one of the most common units in American homes, studies show that many homeowners know little about them. To help you out, here are some of the things that you should know about your chimney:

How to tell if your chimney needs cleaning

If you ask most Americans, they will tell you that they need to undertake chimney cleaning. Unfortunately few of them know when to do. There is no defined time when you should clean your chimney. To know when your chimney is ripe for cleaning you should inspect it from the top and bottom. If the creosote levels in the chimney are high, your unit requires some cleaning.

How to know when your chimney is on fire

Fire is one of the major problems with chimneys. It comes about when the chimney is too dirty. When your chimney is on fire you not only risk burning down your property, you also put your family members at risk. Tell-tale signs that your chimney is on fire include: frames coming out at the top of the chimney, black smoke resulting from the chimney, and the chimney making the sounds synonymous to that of a freight train. When you notice fire you should contact the fire department in your area. Chimney contractors often discourage people from going inside the house to save their property as they risk hurting themselves.

How to tell if the chimney is leaking

The last thing that you need is a leaking chimney. The leaking chimney makes the house uncomfortable to live it. It also puts your house at the risk of collapsing. The problem comes about due to lack or inefficient chimney cap. Your chimney will also leak when it’s too old. Signs that your chimney is leaking include water puddles and water stains on the walls and ceiling. You should inspect the chimney mortar joints and crown and find out if there are cracks allowing water into the house. To fix the problem you should hire a masonry contractor.

How to tell when the chimney is blocked

A blocked chimney makes the house uncomfortable to live in. It also puts your house at the risk of fire. If you have a gas chimney, blocking of the chimney puts you and your family at the risk of dying as the toxic gasses don’t leave the house. If smoke isn’t leaving the house and you can see the top of the chimney from the bottom, your chimney is blocked and you should hire a chimney company to unblock it.

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Chimney Company: 3 Reasons Why Your Chimney Is Smelly


When you light a fire, you want to enjoy a warm, cozy fire. The last thing that you want is a bad smell coming from your chimney. Unfortunately, it’s common to have fireplace odors. According to chimney repair professionals, there are many reasons why your chimney might be smelly. To help you out, here are 3 of some of the reasons:

Your chimney has smoking problems

When the chimney has smoking problems it produces a lot of smoke. While most of the smoke will be expelled from the house, there is some that remain behind. The smoke that remains behind gets absorbed into the furniture, window coverings, and carpeting. If this goes on for a long time, you have a smelly house. To fix this problem you should hire a chimney expert to fix the cause of the problem.

The chimney is experiencing negative air pressure

Negative air pressure is another common reason for a smelly chimney. Negative air pressure is common during summer or after a number of improvements such as weatherizing, installation of new roof, bathroom exhaust, changing the venting system have been made. When the house has been tightly sealed the odors fail to exit the chimney resulting in a smelly house. The cool this is that there are plenty of ways in which you can fix the negative air pressure problem. One of the things that you should do is to keep the fireplace damper when you aren’t using it. Chimney professionals recommend that you ensure that the damper is properly sealed for it to work effectively.

If you are closing the chimney and yet you are still experiencing the bad smell you should consider installing a top-sealing damper. As rule of thumb, you should keep the damper closed whenever you aren’t using the fireplace.

Your fireplace is dirty

When you don’t regularly clean your chimney, creosote tends to accumulate in large amounts. Creosote is black or dark brown flammable tar that comes from wood smoke. When you allow the creosote to accumulate to worrying levels it tends to give off a bad smell. Chimney contractors recommend that you undertake chimney cleaning at least once every year. In addition to regularly cleaning your chimney, you should also burn the right wood. As rule of thumb, you should always burn seasoned wood. This is wood that has been left to dry for at least six months. In addition to giving you a lot of warmth, it also burns with little soot.

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